ABOUT USBac Cau Village

Bắc Cầu is a small village located between the arms of the Red River and the Duong River, and part of Long Bien District, Hanoi. The old village has three hamlets now developed into three villages : Thuong – Bắc Cầu 3, Trung – Bắc Cầu 2 and Ha – Bắc Cầu 1.

In the conception of the villagers, the rivers – infinite source of water – bringing happiness to the village : it carries fertile alluvial resources to the land so the villagers could live stably by growing crops, fishing, collecting firewood on the Red River or raising silkworms. The village also includes a large community of artists and artisans.
However, in the rainy season, the river often brings floods into houses and crops, favorising diseases. So in the past, the village was very humid and the life of the villagers very difficult.

At the end of the 17th century, Bắc Cầu village was associated with the name of the brilliant doctor Ngo Sach Tuan (1648-1697). According to folklore when going to public service through the village, seeing the villagers sick, Ngo Sach Tuan donate rice and traditional medicine to everyone. Saving the village from the epidemic raged.


Previously, all three villages of Bắc Cầu had communal houses, but now only in Thuong village (Bắc Cầu 3) : Xóm Bắc Cầu. Villagers come often to meet up, enjoy the garden and share their knowledge about their land, the biodiversity and all the eco-responsible behaviour which are integrated into Vietnamese traditions.
Bắc Cầu village still has two temples : Long Doi Tu (Bắc Cầu 2) and Thuan Loi Tu (Bắc Cầu 3), along the Red River, powerful meditative places, rich of history, with overview on the constant growing of Hanoi.

From a humid, muddy riverside village, nowadays Bắc Cầu is being urbanized with asphalt roads, and high-rise houses are growing more and more… But villagers’ life is still preserved and improved by planting fruit trees of high economic values, practicing clever agroforestry.

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